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Username: threestarman

Age: 50

Sex: ?

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Halley's Comet, Bradville

Pub for deadbeats and losers.

15 Dec 2020 01:56

Halley's Comet, Bradville

Oi bigjmk you seem about right for this pub. No brains or education. I don't mind banter but when i see people getting stabbed it does put me off my beer a little.

Horses for courses mate, you stick with the brain dead.

24 Jun 2015 23:28

The Golden Farmer, Bracknell

Was a fantastic place to be. Lost all its charm when Greene King sold it off and Shawn and Dawn left. Did they take all the decent customers with them i wonder. Had some great nights there and some great afternoons too. RIP the Golden Farmer

21 Jun 2009 04:10

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