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The Brickmakers, Norwich

I felt a bit confused when reading some of the comments below. I wondered if people had been visiting the same pub as me! Particularly as regards staff and service. I have always, without exception, been treated courteously by the friendly staff and served promptly at the bar. I have always seen incidents with problem customers handled quickly and with a minimum of fuss.

I concur with the lady that said that this is one of a very tiny number of venues that I am happy to visit by myself.

The music is obviously biased towards Rock, but if you check the listings there is a fair amount of variety available. I have heard a Swing band, Rap artists, Blues, Country, Northern Soul and of course both Emma Hall and the Lee Vasey Band have regular slots. Sound is well mixed and appropriate to the type of band playing, and the lighting rig is excellent . Karaoke and the Quiz on a Sunday are a fun alternative to the bands of the week and a nice way to round off the weekend and get your head ready for work on a Monday morning.

Several people have mentioned overzealous and early cleaning. I personally have not seen cleaning start before the last drink is served. However it wouldnít actually bother me if it was, so perhaps I didnít even notice. I have certainly always been impressed by the standard of cleanliness, in general, and in the toilets in particular. The ladies loo always has complimentary deodorant and hairspray available and usually a nice moisturiser as well! I have no idea about the mens as Iíve never been in. :-)

As for The Brickies being an unofficial gay bar... I can only say that that I feel The Brickies is a pub where you can be yourself and not feel judged. Whether this includes sporting full body tattoos, piercings, dying your hair green, wearing full Goth regalia or being gay it really doesnít make a difference. Itís a pretty tolerant place and the management seem to value and support this tolerance.

Thatís my two pennies worth anyway.

21 Oct 2010 11:56

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