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Username: tbeale

Age: 60

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The Dog and Partridge, Yateley

we ran this pub until the end of august, and barry1 never had anything good to say about the pub while we were there., his spelling is bloody awful and we still doubt whether he's actually been in the pub, if he'd gone to school as often as he says he's gone to this pub his grammar would be a lot better, (he would obviously not get a job as a reporter) and if you read his comment below, first he say's they don't do any food, then he says they need clean glasses and plates, (if they don't serve food when would he have seen a plate) barry1 is full of shit and needs to get a life, and if he knows so much about pubs , why isn't he running one ! !

5 Nov 2009 21:49

The Dog and Partridge, Yateley

to Haleale - WHY DO YOU BOTHER GOING IN THIS PUB AT ALL - if in fact you actually do!!!! Have noticed not the first negative comment. obviously you and olly98 are mates, firstly check your spelling, secondly sales of real ale in this pub have rocketed so would you know a good beer from a bad one, we have quite a few CAMRA people calling in from time to time who never complain and keep coming back. With regard to your comment on customers not calling in Christmas and when the Morris Dancers are here - RUBBISH the pub is packed - leads me to believe you were never really here in the first place. Perhaps you should make yourself know the next time you are in (if you actually ever really do).

26 Feb 2009 00:39

The Dog and Partridge, Yateley

Great Day for turning on of Yateley Christmas Lights, pub was packed out and had a fantastic atmosphere, as always! 20th December Nativity on the Green 5.30 p.m. Sorry to hear we have upset one or two but generally 98% of our customers have a great time here, beer always good, now have three real ales. Real traditional local boozer.

6 Dec 2008 22:54

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