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The Crown, Bromley

Went there on Sunday for a meal with family. Food was nice, you get what you pay for. Waitress Lucy was lovely. The chef carving the meat, Kwame, was an absolute delight! Polite and jovial. I've been to this Toby Inn before and the staff then were obviously only there because they needed the money. They couldn't even be bothered to smile. What a difference this time!

Only thing that spoilt the evening : we were waiting to be seated and were sitting just inside the entrance door. I got up to go outside and have a puff of the deadly weed, and went sprawling. When the place was refurbished, some of the floors were at two levels and they have made these into ramps to try and even the floor out a bit. Warning signs were on the side walls, saying "mind the step". Step, what step? It was a ramp! If I'm walking along, I'm looking ahead, not at the walls at the side. Very dangerous, should have a sign suspended from the ceiling. Another customer came over and picked me up. I felt such an idiot, I couldn't wait to get outside as everyone was looking. A member of staff saw the whole thing, but didn't even bother to come over and ask me if I was alright. In hindsight, I should have asked for their accident book to record it. So just be warned, when you walk into this Toby, look at the floor all the time.

21 Jul 2009 11:29

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