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Username: sweeties1975

Age: 45

Sex: male

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Fenman Free House, Kings Lynn

6-9-12 day trip to Lynn.Last pub of the day.Plenty of history in here.I ordered two Gin and Tonics with lime.YES! Result,a pub in Kings Lynn that had fecking limes and the barman offered us the double up deal for a 1 extra.Good prompt service.

9 Sep 2012 13:01

Wenns, Kings Lynn

Day trip to Kings Lynn on Thursday 6-09-12...After sampling the 'delights' of the Maiden we ventured into here.No real ale on whatsoever! The lad behind the bar said as it had been delivered earlier that day.This is a sign of a very poorly run pub with cashflow issues.So I asked for a pint of 1664,the barrel went so his went down to the cellar to change it.Meanwhile a heavily tattooed gormless local thought that there was no-one on the bar at all and started to shout 'Matthew,Matthew' loud to get his attention for us!! This is so wrong.When the lad came back up he proceeded to pour my pint in a bloody Becks glass whilst he turned his back to me (ignorant and damned rude),I ordered a G&T for the wife and again no lime (Lime's cost about 20p max each) so it was pre bought lemon out of those God awful tubs.To top it off he put it into a half pint glass,no tall mixer glasses at all and this great experiences for the price of over 7.Again an original wooden features pub,ruined by idiots who dont have a clue how to run one.AVOID.

9 Sep 2012 12:57

Ye Olde Maydens Heade, Kings Lynn

Day trip to Kings Lynn on Thursday 6 Sept 2012 and after a walk round we thought lets pop into here.As we crossed the car park we notice a middle aged scruffy man sat down in the doorway of the pub smoking a ciggie,not an appealing sight (should of turned away there really) Got in and had to wait ages for the barmaid to appear and when she did after 4 minutes (bad sign) she was eating some sandwiches that she had just made herself and made no attempt to wash her hands before serving me (another bad sign) I ordered a pint of Crag Rat and a G & slimline with lime. "Got no lime" was the sturdy reply so I asked for lemon "Got no lemon" ahh,I thought that it's absolutely shocking that a pub doesnt have either.Then I just knew this was about to happen,the barmaid then opened up the tonic and poured it straight into the glass,that's when I had a small bit of pleasure to inform her with "Thats not slimline,I did tell you slimline" so she had to pour another gin and get it right.We sat down and observed a young man about early twenties with his top off inside the pub with his girlfriend and baby....I also checked out the toilets,filthy as I expected.This just summed it all up.Crap pub,dire service,filthy toilets,a feral lad with his top off inside a pub WTF?....This pub is in a prime location with plenty of history.But with the people like this in it,the place will go to the wall and deservedly so.

9 Sep 2012 12:45

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