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The Goldsmiths, Penge

Good staff, good drink selection and glad it's open, a good addition to Penge for sure.

But by god what a scruffy half finished wreck of a pub. I mean, I don't mind a bit of shabby chic, but this pub is taking the absolute mick with its customers. There are holes in the walls, half finished painting, wires hanging out of walls, what looks like a cracked soil pipe sticking out of another wall, a fireplace that has been removed and nothing put in its place leaving rotten, dusty looking brickwork behind. The tables are awful too, would hate to try to eat a meal off one of them with friends.

It's not the greatest of the antic pubs by far, much more effort is needed to finish the place off and make it feel like they actually care about the comfort and surroundings of their customers.

I'll stick with wetherspoons until they finish it properly.

14 Jan 2015 16:59

The Moon and Stars, Penge

For a wetherspoons this is one of the better ones for sure although it does stick to very old fashioned opening hours. Good range of beer, good staff, clean (mostly) and much cheapness.

10 Oct 2013 21:49

The Maple Tree, Penge

Dunno what the reviewer below is on about, Ann is fantastic and I hope she stays for many a long year. Good local pub tho I don't get there as much as I used to now.

10 Oct 2013 21:47

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