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Have lived in Welwyn Garden City all my life, married and brought up my family here, so I have been to most pubs in the area many times.

Username: suelovell

Age: 62

Sex: female

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Bull, Welwyn Garden City

This is not a pub any more, it's a better than decent Thai/Oriental restaurant called The East. I've eaten there about 4 or 5 times and think it is great - modern interior, pleasant staff, good food. Don't be put off by the somewhat scruffy exterior! You will be surprised and delighted when you go inside.

27 Jun 2010 20:33

The White Horse, Welwyn

Nice pub with a lovely outdoor area and garden. Really nice place to be on a sunny day, but I didn't think much of the food. Went there once when there was a BBQ and that was really good, enjoyed the BBQ food enormously, but the general run of food from the kitchen is not so great. Had a selection of dips and bread there recently and the dips were in such tiny little pots that we felt a bit cheated. (They were the kind of pots that you would find in a hotel for one serving of butter at breakfast.) On the other hand there was a ton of bread! The drinks and the ambience are very pleasant though, especially in the pretty garden and it's clearly very popular with the villagers.

27 Jun 2010 20:23

The Wellington, Welwyn

This is billed as a gastro-pub, but I have to tell you that it is all restaurant and no pub really. It burnt down in 2009 and has been refurbished - I don't know whether it has opened again as yet. When I used to go there before, the food was very nice indeed and the service was always very good. The price is on the high side, so we would only go there for a birthday treat or something. It has a small patio out back, which is nice on a warm day but only overlooks a car park. On a warm evening though, with the fairy lights on, it is very pretty. I just hope it maintains its good standards when it reopens.

27 Jun 2010 20:15

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