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Username: stucktothetable

Age: 50

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The Halfway House, Woolton

It was absolutely awful. Surly staff, expensive (6.99 ??? ), the meat was cold, the spuds could have been used as offensive weapons, the table was sticky (classy), half the lights were off and the girl who served me tried to overcharge.

The...n there's the 'second course', compulsory on a Sunday, of ice cream. This is the best bit as it's meant to be cold. There's the palaver of getting it, mind. Serve yourself, there's a young girl who stands near the machine pretending to be doing something who comes over, switches on the machine and hands you a glass from the cupboard underneath. So you do your Mr Whippy impression while she looks unimpressed, waiting for you to walk away so she can turn the machine off again. The choice of toppings is extensive, comprising of strawberry goo or chocolate from a bottle with the dispensing hole cut as miserly as physically possible. That's it.

I'd give the ice cream 2/10 and the food 1. The service wouldn't get that high a mark.

31 Oct 2010 21:53

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