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The Belmore Hotel, Sale

I have been to this pub about 3 times for meals in the last 6 months or so, the final visit being last week.

At first glance its a nice, pleasant looking pub, recently done up. However, on each occasion the service was slow, slow slow, on each occasion they have rookie bar staff which didn't help.

The first two visits the food was from the standard Lees Pubs menu and the food was good at reasonable prices. can't complain it really. But on one viist there were 6 of us and we each ordered a different coffee at the end of the meal.. reckon it took the rookie bar girl (who admitted she had never used the machine before, nor did she know the difference between all the coffees), over 20 minutes for us all to get a coffee.

Last week 4 of us visited again to find the menu was no longer the standard Lees menu - they had tried to go upmarket and most main courses were at least 11. Desserts best part of 5. Again had no complaint about the food, although seemed a little expensive for what it was. They wanted 12 for a Hunters Chicken (basically chicken with piece of bacon on top, covered in cheese and BBQ). Again service was slow. The bar staff don't seem capable of doing anything that requires getting out of first gear if I am honest.

All in all an OK place - food good, although a little pricy for what it is at present. Main bug bear is the slow service.

Giving this place 5 /10 and they lost 4 of those points on the service.

3 Nov 2010 18:56

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