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A Dublin man, not given to Guinness, or Real Ale.

Therefore a free thinker, into quality lagers, hate artificial things - food, people, places.

Like London, England, Europe, the world.
Love nothing more that a walk in the woods on a crisp spring day, daffodils bobbing on the breeze, birdsong in my ears.

I don't have a beard, nor sandals, and I wash and shower at least daily!

Username: skerriegoat

Age: 60

Sex: male

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Shaws Booksellers, Blackfriars

I liked it, I have to say. Well-presented, no gaudy neon lights, no OTT ads for beer in the window. This may have been a sop to the good Bishop who, I am told, is a neighbour. Wonder if he ever pops down for a tipple? Anyway, first impressions of this place are good.

Interesting decor inside, bit different from the usual chain pub we get all-too accustomed to. Atmosphere was good, and quite a nice place to be in. Location would impress our tourists - quaint London lane, up a little hill. Easy to get to, lots of transport links nearby. Loos were adequate, and well-maintained.

I liked the selection of beer - the Kirin was nice and crisp. Pint bottles of Magner's Cider were selling well, and the Guinness drinkers told me their pints were 'spot on'. As it's a Fuller's pub, there was a good selection of Chiswick-brewed beers there too. There was a well-thought out Wine list, and prices for both the beer and wine were what you'd expect from a City pub. I didn't feel ripped off.

I didn't sample the food - I arrived too late - but my mates who had been there since earlier in the evening assured me it was good.

Would have to knock it on the smoke - although our group of about 15 bods didn't have a single smoker amongst us, it was a bit hazy, and my clothes stunk of smoke the next day.

Staff were friendly and efficient. Wish there were more like them around!

Gets a 7 from me - a bit less smoke, and we'd be pushing a 9 - it really is a nice place. Well worth a visit.

7 Mar 2006 13:55

The Artichoke, Shenfield Common

Good selection of wines, reasonably priced.
Beer is ok - predictable mass-produced stuff you get in this kind of chain. Some lagers expensive for what you get. 'Real ale' - CAMRA would not applaud.
Food better than average.
Service not bad - when it's not too busy. Can be a bit 'remedial' when the staff have to put brain into overdrive.
Decor ok, loos are clean, and a pretty sensible smoking policy - ie you can get away from smoke if you want, or you can puff in designated areas if you so desire.

A chain pub, designed by geeks in an office, so if you are prepared to behave like one of the cyber-customers the computers spew out, and if you are happy with chemically-engineered food and drink, this is the place for you.

Every once in a while, it's nice to come and know exactly what you're going to get, how much it'll cost, and how you are meant to behave. So let's not knock it too much.

One of the better outlets in this chain, not bad value, and can take the guesswork and gamble out of a night, if you want to eat or drink in a hurry.

Better mention the location - looks out onto Shenfield common, nice tree-shaded bit of grass, but lots of traffic passing close by. So quieter in the evening

2 Mar 2006 17:03

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