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The Rifleman, Twickenham

Probably one of the brst pubs in Greater London. Don't be put off by the previous review. It can be a very busy pub at times. I have been using the place on and off for forty odd years now and stil go back for more. The licensee and his team run an excellent pub and keep the beer very well. So if you like a good pint in a traditional pub then try "The Gun" as it is affectionately known by most of the TRUE local residents.

29 Aug 2010 16:55

The Red Lion, Twickenham

Thank God this dump has finally closed. Since Eddy left nearly 40 years ago it has been nothing but a shite hole. I never thought that I would say this but.. Thank you Tesco.

29 Aug 2010 16:38

The Cherry Tree, Twickenham

In its heyday,circa 1935, this was a great little hostelry. However , during the latter years of the war it took a sever hit from a german v1 flying bomb. Sadly only three people survived. It is a fact that these three lucky guys were in the cellar sampling the landlords latest batch of illicit hooch. It was the protection afforded by the cellar that saved them. I know this to be factual , for the simple reason that the survivors were my Father and Grandfather and the landlord.
As a consequence of this, no true Twickenham resident of long standing would use the place. It was considered to be almost a war grave. Indeed my father used to regularly admonish me for patronising the place, until I reminded him that his life was saved by that pub.
In the early eighties the pub went right down the pan and, despite many attempts to revive it as a family pub, it was never a succes and eventually closed in the late nineties.
Local rumour has it that the demolition was carried out illegally, but I can find no evidence to substatiate this. Mind you, the demolition was surprisingly rapid and it stood as vacant land for a very long time, so there may be some truth it the rumours after all.
The block of flats and retail units which now stand on the site retain the name of the former pub as a mild tribute to the pubs former character.

9 Dec 2009 01:05

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