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The Toll Bar, Prestwick

I suggest that if you order a drink in here or even a round then it would be best to check the prices and work out how much it would be then wait and see if you are firstly overchrged or secondly shortchanged. ie don't take my word for it try it out yourself........they won't let me down!!

10 Dec 2007 11:20

The Toll Bar, Prestwick

Entered this pub sober (on my own) ordered 1 pint each visit to bar (5 in total) and was short changed 3 times!! Was back in again a few weeks later and had 2 pints, short changed once. Went in again, months later, ordered 1 pint (cost 2.30) handed over a 20 note and was given 17.50 back, thought the price had went up to said nothing, went up to bar for 2nd pint, different barperson......yep you've guessed it....price was 2.30???...........I would hate to be a local in this pub cos if this is what is happening to strangers who are sober what is happening to the local who are sitting all day/night getting pissed and not checking their change??? Also it wasn't even if it was the same barperson on all the occasions.

10 Dec 2007 10:41

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