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Username: scoopy

Age: 58

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The Queens Head, St Pancras

My partner and myself have been regulars in here for a while. Like the Jazz and the ale and whiskey. She likes a rum and coke and thought I would have one that night to. We got a glass nearly the size of a half pint with a rum and full to the brim of coke. Of course we complained we couldn't taste the rum. It wasn't a spirit glass that would give you a small amount of coke and the shot. Over our complaint he threatened to throw us out and said this is the coke measure. He was arrogant and rude to my partner and continued to talk over us and not listen. He said we should have asked for a small measure. What a lot of tosh. He should ask us. After all he was quick to ask if we wanted doubles which by his reckoning in that case shouldn't we ask for them as doubles not him ask us. This guy, Jack I think his name was at least that was what he said is the new manager of three months . Rude and totally lacking in any way of treating customers. We were not swearing or violent and here we were being kicked out of a pub for a coke. Every pub after we went in asked us how much coke do you want. Awful attitude and although this review won't make much difference to most who go in there might make a fe think twice about handing over their hard earned cash to someone who really doesn't care about the customers just about charging for a large coke when a shot would have done. So there we were as he had taken the drinks off us and over ten pounds lighter as we walked out.

22 Aug 2016 13:04

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