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Im a social work graduate inmy first full time position. Into good food, drink and good music. Like old time blues and rock.

Username: sally.g

Age: 38

Sex: female

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Boundary, Norwich

Just read the last review, whatever money has been spent on this place was a waste of time. Was in last saturday night. Place just full and thick chavs, burberry everywhere. Or shaven headed half witts. The quicker this shit hole gets closed down the better. Everyone effing and blinding, didn't see a punch up but I doubt it would have been long comming. One young girl behind the bar who didn't have a clue. No bouncers no door control. Sign says no under 18s after 7 and there was a kid in who was about six. What a dump, I was with two other girls, we had two drinks in there 'cos we couldn't beieve just how shit it was.

19 Oct 2007 22:18

Spencer's, Norwich

Sad 'cos it could bea nice place but this is one of the biggest dives in Norwich. Most miserable bar staff, particuarly the owners I have ever seen. Never known people less suited to the job. Was in with a big crowd of girls the other day, rounds comming to 30 plus and not a smile of the owners, quite the reverse, they scowl at you like they don't want you there. Be fair the only reason we drink in there is because it's open late. Late drink fine but otherwise avoid the place.

19 Oct 2007 22:11

The Brickmakers, Norwich

I'm big into my blues and rock and this pub does this very well, really good stage. Problem with the rest of the pub is it's clicky as heck. You're either in with the in crowd or your not. If your face fits you get served real quick other wise you can't get near the bar. Pity it's a great music pub.

19 Oct 2007 22:05

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