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The Kings Arms, Tring

Cheap, cheap pints in here and some well known brands but the experience as so often in these country RA pubs is soured by the sight of mournful publicans suspicious of anyone whom they haven't seen before - traditional British approach but somehow always surprises me.
A barman palmed off one of my young friends with a pint which I expect could only have consisted of "slops" as it tasted of vinegar and when I returned it, the morose governor regarded me with suspicion. He almost wretched when he tasted it: despite this, he didn't apologise but agreed that it should be replaced. When I asked if there was a price differential between this pint of cat's urine and the replacement pint he dismissed my concerns with a wave denoting largesse on his part. In fact, it turned out that the replacement pint was cheaper!

Other details: a large courtyard if you like a smoke, brightly lit interior somewhat retro. Difficult to get to and cramped parking.

I may have been a tad unlucky or caught them on a bad night, but I will not be returning.

30 Aug 2013 13:13

The Windmill, Chipperfield


26 Jun 2011 14:34

Kings Arms Hotel, Berkhamsted

the governor has big plans to refurbish this place which is a pity as it jack shit else going for it other than its authentic Tudor interior. I popped in while waiting for a taxi a few weeks ago (my first visit in six years after a similarly wake-like experience) to find two other customers and myself in the novel position of being the only object of conversational note. They left soon afterwards, as did I but not before warning the enthusiastic by somehow doomed young governor of the pointlessness of his mission. Would love to see this bar with some people in it and maybe a less vapid custodian.

13 Jun 2010 21:57

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