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The Brickmakers, Norwich

P.S The gay thing, is only their if you look for it. On a blues rock night you want to try convincing yourself that it's a gay bar? Thought not.

9 Sep 2010 14:47

The Brickmakers, Norwich

I know opinions are opinions, but some of the reviews on here do seem to hold a more personalised edge to them.

I find most of the less than complimentary reviews of the Brickmakers, to be very misleading. Even to the point where i suspect these reviews have been written by people who have been ejected from the pub for being drunk and disorderly or have just not fitted in. I'm a regular so will try and call it from my many years and nights visiting the pub.

I'm afraid to say that if you had to put up with half the abuse that I have viewed customers giving other customers, and bar staff, in the Brickmakers over the years, the owners would have the right to every now and then be more wary of becoming " pally" with people who they don't know, as i've seen apparently good fairing people quickly turn from good meaning customers into obnoxious prats. This is normally after having a skin full and then being told, and rightfully so by the diligent staff, that you've had enough. Never goes down well with people who are just out to cause trouble.

The Brickmakers to me is my top pub in Norwich. It retains that bar and pub atmosphere that has long since died from this part of the UK. The bar staff are always friendly to me, they always ask politley when they want you to leave at the end of the night, or when they're planning on packing up, and to my train of thought they are entitled to as it's their buisness. Who cares if they are getting ahead of their duties by mopping up or tidying up, grow a pair, they're not physically belt throwing you out of the door.

In my 6 years of visiting i've never been thrown out before the time displayed on the door. I guess that makes me liked, very lucky, or those who have been very unlucky, or unable to read a time sheet properly.

The customer isn't always right regardless of what people think.... especially after several pints. Service is always prompt, and they always help with customer querys prompt and to the point... no beating around the bush which is how things should be done. If you act like an ignoramous, you are treated like one.

There is always a music night for everybody, everyday of the week, which is fantastic for music lovers! Originals, tribute acts, blues, rock, established, non established, young, old, cheesey, obscure or rawkus, everynight of the week has a different genre of music on. It is also a popular stop off point for those who are planning on visiting the rock themed nightclubs at Hades and the Waterfront in the city center, later in the evening due to its excellent location on the main arterial roads into and out of Norwich.

It's surroundings may not be the most upmarket but i like it, especially with all the, sterile, characterless, trendy wine bar surroundings being rammed down our "modernised britains" throat. The toilets are always clean, if not always flushed, but this is hardly the bars fault. It's nice to visit a pub that captures the essense of what a music bar ... or an english pub...should be about.

If people don't like the brickies then it's fair enough, but some of the reviews on here just seem so far of the mark. Perhaps people should have put up more of a fight when the other music venues in Norwich started to close down so a wider choice was available.

People have to just bite the bullet, that like it or not. Its the only proper, and best, music pub in Norwich. Far above its other competitors, the closest being the King Eddy (whose standards for hosting bands, and surroundings are just not in the same league, although still a good venue).

Let's face it the music scene in Norwich is practically dead, and with two extremes of audienes, the thickle narrow minded dinosaurs who believe everything should have stopped after Cliff Richard, or the pubesent teens who just want to scream down a mic and believe everything predating 2000 is rubbish! it's nice to have a pub where ALL music lovers, regardless of opinions, can find sanctuary for free music, regardless of tastes.

As someone who's played the Brickmakers, the equipment and facilities are amazing, high end specifications that bring the best out of musicians by making them thinking they are playing a venue bigger than they are, with a large stage area, smoke effects and an impressive lighting rig. The sound people on the night is hit and miss as each one has their own opinion on what the sound should be like, but are more often easy to get along with.

Kareoke and quiz nights on the Sunday are entertaining, regardless of ability or IQ, always a laugh and good for the community spirit.

It does sometimes seem to turn into a kindergarden though with lots of under 18's being in the pub which creates a bit of a tension when a teenage drama kicks off. To be honest they're far better behaved than some of the 'mature' customers in the pub.

The Brickies does express that ID for abover 16's is required on the door. This is a pub for true individuals and liberal attitudes, young, old, straight, homosexual, transgendered, outspoken, roudy or the silent majority.

The Brickmakers makes no apologies for what it is, and if you don't feel comfortable in their it is a win win for all involved that you visit another pub, as the packed attendences night after night would denote they are hardly pushing for buisness. End of the day it gets a 9 out of 10 from me, and i believe its nonmination for best UK music pub speaks entirely for itself review wise regardless of opinions.

Top pub, and one of the last good music ones we have left in Norwich!

9 Sep 2010 14:36

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