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The Travellers Friend, Woodford Green

Thank you cask ales I think you broke the tension with that post, did make me smile. It's not an argument just a healthy disagreement between two complete opposites of each other. I support this pub, and enjoy my visits. I just don't like comments which focus on personal attacks on people.

1 Mar 2015 12:31

The Travellers Friend, Woodford Green

Thank you morrisey again for your rather long winded response. I will keep this simple, and I am not so easily rattled as some it seems. I am impressed you seem able to have access to police records for reasons behind the cautions.

There are in fact nothing to do with general negative comments regarding the pub, staff or produce. They were in fact to do with the outrageous and poisonous personal attacks on staff and customers past and present. I welcome people to use this site for constructive feedback, but not personal and vindictive attacks. That is the reason why the police have gotten involved. But if you think you are qualified I invite you to wonder down to the police station and pass on your thought. However I would suggest they may not be quite so interested in speculating the identity of users on this site, by others whom seem to have a point to prove.

This site is anonymous, so I'll leave you to keep guessing. I am like I said before a regulate customer here, and agree it is ever evolving and improving. I just disagreed with the gossiping on this site. I will pass your comments on to the management of this site, and as I'm sure you will agree they will see all this with a smile on there face, all with a pinch of salt!

28 Feb 2015 18:20

The Travellers Friend, Woodford Green

Thank you morrisey for your comment. I'm glad that the opinionated reviewers on this site, have some awareness of the laws regarding internet reviewing and personal posts. I am sorry to disappoint you but I am unaware of how mentioning the former landlady is relevant to my post?!?. I do know the lady herself, and am aware if she wanted to defend herself she would do so in person. Not through an anonymous site, what would be the point.

I am a regular customer of this fine establishment experiencing both past and present management. I would like to inform you I am in fact a member of the team that regulate the usage of this site, hence my last post. And also there has been three cautions issued by police to reviewers who have posted on here. Although I doubt they are unlikely to sing it from the roof tops. I do welcome and enjoy your interesting views and theories! Mildly entertaining!

27 Feb 2015 20:13

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