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George and Dragon, Tudeley

Well, goes to show by the previous people they are people who lie and twist things to rubbish a good business, what a shame they have to attack people personally.
These posts have been reported for removal and we are taking legal advise on these post, and no where have we posted we have 5 score on the doors, Just to update we have now signed a 5 year deal on this pub and we intend staying and welcome old and new customers and a great thank you to the regulars for there continue support including the old boys club who comes in on a Monday and drink superb real ale.
Don't forget real six piece Jazz Band every third Thursday lunch time of the month, raffle and good food and the xmas draw to be pulled, remember £450.00 first prize tickets still available. Look forward to seeing all the regulars for the tramp jazz. Also the Roasts available all week now, and a carvery will be available at the end of the month, watch this space.

9 Jan 2017 11:45

George and Dragon, Tudeley

Well seems this person persists to try and make me a liar, A AUDIT is done by the brewery not CAMRA, or Cask Marque, the King and Queen is a Shepherd Neame pub and they Audit the beer, cask and draught and score on all things, they got 20/20 on all beers, I have the certificate.
I don't know what your problem is and this is not the place to argue, I suggest you show your face at the George and Dragon and discuss it with the proprietors, not the management.
I think you have a problem with the pub, people or a disgruntled customer or employee, all these posts have been reported for removal due to the fact you are attacking people on a personal basis which is against the rules of this site.
I think we have nothing to prove to you or anyone else, if the pub survives all good and well if idiots like you slag of the pubs then they will lose a good local, and to set the record straight I have it on good authority that we are staying at the pub for the foreseeable future. As for CAMRA no representative from them have visited the pub to taste or test the ales as far as I know, but please take it up with the me. I have plans for the premises and a few changes will be made for the better, I do apologise for the rant but again people have grudges and have no interest except to try and wreck the business and the pub. For the regulars and the new customers I and the team welcome you and don't forget there are nibbles on the bar and do food all day and a great Sunday roast, have a wonderful new year and a prosperous one.

4 Jan 2017 21:44

George and Dragon, Tudeley

Answer to the previous post, it seems people want to ruin a business by posting things like this, yes we are a member and we sell a good quantity of ales and have a large turn over of beer.
We are installing another two hand pumps, we do have a audit every month and to test temperature, quality, and cleanliness of the cellar, we also have a environmental heath inspection as ale is classed as food.
We have passed on all fronts with 5 scores on the doors and 20/20 for the cellar, what a shame these people post to try and ruin your business, this last post has been reported. Please if you have a request please tell the staff and we will solve any problems with our service tell us and if satisfied please tell others.
Have a wonderful new year and support your local and the ales they sell.

29 Dec 2016 22:13

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