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Username: pnorton

Age: 41

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The Market Porter, Borough

This is one of the best pubs in London, in an area rich in good drinking establishments. The food is just plain pub grub, but you don't go there for that. You're there to see if you can stay on your 2 feet as you try to drink each of the massive selection of real ales on tap. The selection changes regularly, so frequent trips allow you to sample various beers.
Spent many an enjoyable lunchtime wandering around the market (where you can buy your lunch) before having a couple of swift pints in the Porter wishing I could stay there rather than head back to the office.

5 Dec 2007 13:57

The Rake, London Bridge

This is one of my favourite pubs in London, shame a couple of other people have had bad experiences. Iíve always found the staff very helpful
A great selection of beers on tap and in bottles. True it's not cheap, but if you think that then I'm sure there's a Wetherspoons nearby which has a pint of Fosters with your name on it. Note, I'm not a city type with a 5 figure bonus, I just know what I like and that's unusual specialist beers which you generally won't find elsewhere.
Spent quite a few Friday lunchtimes in the summer there (and a few since), we'd grab some food off one of the stalls and then sit outside on the decking drinking fantastic beer. The ale they have on tap is good, but my personal favourites are the US micro-breweries, Sierra Nevada (on tap) and Anchor Steam or Goose Island in bottles - don't let memories of 10 bottles of p*ss-water bud when you were a teenager let you think that's the standard for US beer.

5 Dec 2007 13:51

The Telegraph, Moorgate

Fullers have been turning a few of their pubs into smart, stylish gastro-pubs. Shaws Booksellers in Blackfrairs is another example. It's a nice place with good food and good beer, the ale is well kept. It is a little on the expensive side, but no more so than any other (similar) venue in London. Agree with others that you could compare it to an ABO, but I like the fact it's tucked away a bit so when standing outide in the summer (or sitting by the big windows they open up) you're not breathing in exhaust fumes.

5 Dec 2007 13:50

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