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The Talbot Hotel, Winton

I am from london but come down to bournemouth often with my husband and children , and decided to try out the talbot. I got the immediate feeling that children wasnt welcome , all though my children were being well behaved, i was told by landlady that i had to make my children sit down, they were only standing beside me. my husband ordered some drinks from young blond girl , who was very rude and unfriendly , never smiled or said thankyou , and was very unwelcoming to say the least. good point a lot of the other bar staff are good at there job and very friendly , just a shame the people that run it are not as good.
The whole time i was at the talbot i had a feeling that if your children make too much noise then you will be made to leave. not a great feeling when all you wanted to do was come out for a quiet drink and relax , which you clearly cannot do , the place seemed like it was full with people that were out for a fight .I know locals that have said the place is not what it used to be and wont go back ,, i for one will be joining them.

14 Aug 2012 15:16

The Lark Rise, Winton

cannot agree enough on mr pines comments. My partner , children and i used to go to the pines as it used to be called to have a meal and occasionally watch the football, now it seems that children are not welcome and the impression is that you are a bad parent for bringing your kids in the place, which means you cannot relax and have a good time because you are forever wondering if they want you in there in the first place. The manager is a joke and one of the barmaids big blonde girl was extremeley rude to my husband and told my children to move away from the bar or you will all have to leave. I know a lot of locals that will never set foot and in the place again and i for one will be joining them. good luck!!!!

14 Aug 2012 14:49

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