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The Crown Hotel, Chertsey

i tell you summing for nowt.... must have been tony's day off the other sunday, went here with some silly bird who gotta herself knocked up by my pearly spooj. i thought i would treat her to a cod almighty. wish i hadnt, got served by that silly blond tart with the flock of seagulls hairdo. 'king well rude she was. after i politely ordered the food she threw the numbered wooden spoon at me and squawked "theyll bring it over."
not all bad in there, the young guy in charge that day was quite polite, if he didnt have a beard i could have sworn it was a big cuddly dyke, but as it was, it was like looking in a 'king mirror..... ello mate?

26 Jan 2012 19:44

The Crown Hotel, Chertsey

Hello buddy. What a mare, everyones taken an unexplained powder. Wish someone told me. I got my own unexplained powder to shift, not even elphick is taking the bait! Whilst here I had the fresh fruit kebab, youngs beer battered fish and chips, the delectable sauteed clams and the pork belly.. I was still proper hungry when I left, gave simpsons a knock, went for the family tree meal deal plus eighteen flightless fowl labamba wraps. When I got home I decided to void my bowels. Didn't want any Dutch ovens
talk about the last airbender! Hello buddy!

1 Feb 2011 21:54

Rose and Crown, Brockenhurst

I do not believe that jill78 is a real entity, nor do I believe that stoutchappie has genitals, I do believe that children are the future. But that has nothing to do with pub reviews, you two weirdos have made my list, so watch it!

28 Jan 2011 22:40

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