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The White Horse, Shere

That time of year again--- a visit to my old village. This place has got even worse than my last call. If I want a microwave meal then the local coop would be a cheaper and better quality option. No locals, apparently they have all been banished to the pub up the road which given the unfriendly atmosphere in this place can only be an improvement. Beer OK but the place is dead and more than one member of staff looks like they have been chewing wasps. Such a shame as I have many happy memories of this place back in the days when it was a real pub.

29 Oct 2012 11:57

The William Bray , Shere Guildford Surrey

Day 2 of my return to the village and a visit to the Bray after being treated like a lepper at the one down the road. Very bright and brash but surprised to get a very good pint of Doombar after my last trip here. Still noisy and overpriced but friendly staff and a good atmosphere including some locals who for some mad reason are no longer allowed in the other pub. This is a strange village.
The food was however brilliant

6 Dec 2011 10:44

The White Horse, Shere

So this place has at last had a clean up and now looks just like any other chain pub or hotel reception. Totally devoid of character.
The beer is very good however but the standard of the food is appaling. What is even worse is the attitude of the staff, that is if you can ever find someone to serve. They are rude unhelpful and generally missing.
I know a good number of the locals from my time in the village years back and they have little good to say for the way they are treated. It is apparently according to a staff member now the opinion of management that the reason the pub has been doing so badly over the last few years is the strong local element that use the place. WRONG!! the place is under used because few people return after being treated like they dont matter and being served sub standard food. The locals are stuck with it, they were here long before the current set up arrived and will be there long after they have gone that is if they dont go the whole way and turn it into a burger king or the like. Costa Cofee signes everywhere, in a village pub, madness.

6 Dec 2011 10:38

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