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The Lamp Tavern, Birmingham

Update to my last post and before the trolls spot it.
It should of course have read in my intro: 'Welsh Marches'.
Damn that MSoft auto spell checker.

19 Jul 2006 17:28

The Wellington, Birmingham

I like this pub but just a word of caution.
On a recent visit (June 24th) the guest MILD was up to the usual excellent standard. However a return visit that afternoon for the regular ‘Pig on The Wall’ MILD resulted in a beer well past its best and with a taste of vinegar.

Perhaps this is inevitable with the focus being on so many ‘guests’ and the risk that the local drink sells more slowly.
Quantity of selection should not compromise quality.

Anyone trying the ‘Pig’ for the first time on that day may have been be put off trying it again, which is unfortunate as this excellent brand of MILD is in my humble opinion one of the best.

The consistently best-kept ‘Pig on the Wall’ remains to be had, in my opinion, at the Rose & Crown, Birchills, Walsall.

19 Jul 2006 17:19

The Lamp Tavern, Birmingham

A train ride out from the Welsh Marshes found one in this quaint post-industrial part of Birmingham.

A pub for one to relax in, with the decor and ambience of a bygone and somewhat tranquil and less brutal age.
Sorry chaps, but Chavs, lager louts and the oh so politically correct will be disappointed, so best stay away old beans and not have your sensibilities offended somewhat.

An excellent Churchend Gravedigger MILD on tap.
No doubt the range of bitters were also of top quality for those that like to imbibe that sort of thing.

No danger of one walking out of this pub and one will definitely visit again.

19 Jul 2006 17:16

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