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Age: 64

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The Royal Oak, New Malden

I agree with the last comment , it's nothing to write home about really . The garden isnt that nice , especially when you're trying to have a quiet drink & there are obnoxious kids running around with parents who completely ignore the fact that their offspring are irritating other drinkers , but you get that in any pub I suppose . The ladies loos are pretty naff , no room to swing a cat , toilet paper is very elusive sometimes , sanitary towel bins are sometimes overflowing ( sorry but it's true ! ) & there always seems to be a horrible musty smell in there . As for the bars , well there are one or two reasonably cheerful barmen but the landlord always looks as miserable as sin to me , as do some of the barmaids & one of them asked me to move along the bar to be served so I was nearer to her & the till ! Bloody cheek , hasnt she got legs ? I should've complained to the landlord at the time but let it go , if it happens again though he will get an earbashing .
I reckon the pub needs a good makeover , it's quite shabby & needs painting & brightening up . Apart from all that , it's ok I suppose . I wouldnt want to spend every night in there though , once in a while is quite enough .

14 Jul 2009 23:42

Bar Malden, New Malden

Where does one begin with this place ? Full of kids at weekends , young girls with large expanses of flesh showing , young guys consuming vast quantities of alcohol as they ogle all that flesh , toilets that really I wouldnt let my dog use , sitting underneath a huge office block with a lovely view of the shitty railway bridge & Tesco Express . Force 9 gale blowing outside if you want a fag ( but I'm nothing if not fair & the manager cant do much about the weather ) & more often than not , particularly at the weekend , a long wait to be served at the bar only to then be told that the beer I want is unavailable . Apart from all that , it's great ! Well maybe that's a bit of an overstatement ......... on second thoughts it's the pits . Handy for the bus stop though .

8 Jan 2009 23:43

The GlassHouse, New Malden

Nice enough place , havent eaten there but have seen the menu & it seems quite pricey , just like the drinks are but they always seem to be quite busy so maybe the food's worth the extra few bob . Staff are friendly enough & the real fire is great in this cold weather . It's a bit yuppyish though & has the feel of a wine bar rather than a pub but compared to some of the other drinking holes of New Malden I'd say it was an ok sort of place & I'd certainly go back there again . Couldnt afford to make it my regular though !

8 Jan 2009 23:23

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