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The Crown Liquor Saloon, Belfast

My first trip to Belfast, and most of all, I was excited about visiting the world famous Crown Liquor Saloon.
A beautifully crafted and ornate Victorian Gin Palace.
The staff on duty were excellent, however the service took a while. I would have expected one or two more serving.
Everything went down hill rapidly once I took a look at the food menu though. Here was me expecting a traditional Irish menu (Irish Stew and the like), but I was greeted with such dishes as Cumberland sausage, Shropshire Chicken and Fish and Chips. All very English if you ask me, and not what I had been expecting.
Later on during my visit to Belfast I was in another of the city centres pubs and got chatting to one of the locals about The Crown. As it transpires, the pub has recently been taken over by Mitchell and Butler pub company, and it would seem that their management have absolutely no respect for tradition, only for turnover.
The new management have refused to recognise the established trade union that represents the bar staff, and have taken it upon themselves to suspend, from what I could gather, at least three of the staff. No wonder the ones on duty were so rushed.
All in all, a rather disappointing visit.
As far as I am aware, despite being run by M&B, the pub is owned by the national trust, and I would urge the NT to revoke M&B's contract and find someone more competent to run what is one of the most famous pubs in the world.

1 Nov 2012 22:53

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