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The Lark Rise, Winton

Thank you for correcting my mistake.
I will in turn be writing to the comapny (MARSTONS) with my feelings, my posting here may just encourage others to do the same
With enough comments of a similar nature they may just listen to what the customers have to say.

19 Feb 2012 16:40

The Lark Rise, Winton

Dear Marsdens,

I would like to bring to your attention the complete failure of a manger you currently employ at the LarkRise.
The place has gone from being a regularly busy & freindly pub ( management , staff and locals) to a run down empty shell of what it was.
On three seperate occasions I've seen regulars arguing with the manager, his unproffessional dress sense (combat trousers) only matches his complete lack of customer skills.

'No Bar Seating' - Even older gents who have politely requested to sit, have been told to find a seat elsewhere with no consideration for age or disability.
'Child unfriendly' - No children allowed on the pool table, no children allowed to be in the vicinity of the large tv screen (even seated with supervising adults).
'Food' - Kitchen closed every evening before 6pm, waiting times and quality of food poor on both counts.
'Cleanliness' - Mens toilets are dirty & disgusting, no lighting, mirrors or toilet seats.

Manager - unsociable, untidy, and takes no interest in customer satisfaction.

The staff (or should I say lack of them) are generally helpful and polite, they do however seem to be under a bit of stress mainly attributed to unhappy customers complaining about one or more of the above points.

Pre 2012 the pub was consistantly busy every night of the week, particularly at weekends.
There was always a great atmosphere with management who were both respected and loved.
Excellent quality, freshly cooked food was always on the menu and with the traditional homecooked Sunday lunch the place had a loyal following.
A child friendly approach meant parents could come and watch live sports with their children and join in the excitement of watching on the big screen.
Staff were happy, customers were plenty and surely that makes for a successful business..

There are plenty of establishments in the local area for people to socialise and spend their hard earned money, many of them have decided the Lark Rise no longer deserves their custom.

I'm sad to see this pub fall to such a low standard and it's certainly not too late to make changes.
So please, do something soon before irreparable harm is done, once you loose customers they don't often come back.

Yours sincerely,
A loyal 'Pines' patron.

19 Feb 2012 15:36

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