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The Railway, Streatham

I am going to write my review as events happened chronologically as I think this is the best way to get across the sheer ineptitude of the staff and the complete waste of time and money my visit to the Railway, Streatham Common was.

4 of us with two 1 year olds visited for Sunday lunch.

We order 4 starters, and 4 mains, plus two mini Sunday roasts for the kids, from a surly waitress who looks like we are keeping her from watching the Eastenders omnibus and thats where she'd rather be.

1. 3 of our 4 starters brought out at wildly diffrerent intervals.
2. 3 mains brought out during our starters, which rather than being taken away were put on our table, so we had no room, and no clean cutlery to eat our main. Get up and go to the bar to ask
3. Hair found in one of the mains. Get up and go to the bar to Take the food back.
4. 1 Childs processed Chicken with Chips and beans mistakenly brought out. Returned. Huff and puff from the waitress
5. I am still waiting for my starter while the rest of the group are finishing their main.
6. Ask for my stater. Miniscule portion of Fried squid brought out in comparison to other orders. No cutlery.
7. My main brought out fully 15 seconds after starter. Again put on the table rather than returned. No cutlery to eat my main. Get up and go to the bar to ask for cutlery.
8 Still missing one childs roast - this is 50 minutes after ordering.
9. My "Roast Lamb" appears to be literally 3/4 white sloppy fat on a bed of roast vegetables. It costs 10. It isnt worth it. I return it and point out that Ive ordered a roast lamb
10. Rather than immediately swap my food the Barman enters into a discussion that I should expect some fat. I counter that I should also expect some meat. Its taken away, and then returned without any mint sauce. At this point I cant be arsed saying anything - ive been getting up and down like a yoyo for the better part of an hour and my patience and energy is completely worn thin.
11. We give up and dont even ask where our second Childs Roast is, buy an apple crumble from the shop over the road and eat it at home watching the football.

So in summary our trip to the Railway was a meal which saw us spend the better part of 60 on what is basically substandard School dinner standard food and service.

Utter Cack!

This pub needs to realise that standards and expectations in pub food have risen since the 1960s, good service is expected

1 Mar 2011 13:54

The Sun, Carshalton

living 5 mins from this pub I'm glad to see its had such a makeover. The decor is tasteful - modern yet sympathetic to the old building. There's been a roaring fire the 3 times i've been in. Landlord is friendly and there's a fair selection of ales, and a friendly atmosphere, despite not being overly full - Given time, when word gets around this could become the best pub in Carshalton. Coupled with the reopening of the once appalling Hope on West Street, Carshalton has a good range of real pubs selling good beer, not overrun with chavs spilling their fights out onto the streets at closing time on a friday.

Too early to give an accurate rating, but on the first weeks impressions, I'd give it an 8.

18 Nov 2009 12:29

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