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Username: karaoke

Age: 54

Sex: male

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The Dog and Partridge, Yateley

great pub landlord and landlady cant fault decent beer and food try the live bands out and the quizes would recomend anyone to try this pub out

12 Apr 2008 04:58

The Kings Arms, Dorking

this is to simon if you have a problem with my pub come and tell me and you obviously dont come in my pub that often cause i am here 24/7 except thursdays

9 Apr 2008 22:56

The Kings Arms, Dorking

From: karaoke
Sent: 2008-04-09 22:34:11

no they haven't touched anything but you seem to visit a lot of pubs my suggestion to you if you have a problem with any member of staff in any pub speak to the landlord and i can get sorted

I agree with you, the landlord/manager should be sorting this stuff out but if said manager/ landlord doesnt appear to be around at that time there is no point complaining to the staff concerned! Any manager/ landlord should be aware of the customer service or lack thereof his staff give to the public regardless of any criticism they may or may not receive!!

And whilst we're on the subject, how about having this conversation on the review page for all to see instead of sending flippant messges to my inbox!?

I take it from the lack of response you are indeed connected to this pub personally, would you care to share with us all in what capacity??

I actually like this pub a lot but this kind of attitude is exactly what has rubbed off on the staff there.

9 Apr 2008 22:44

The Kings Arms, Dorking

Thought my assessment was quite fair, clearly touched a nerve there judging by the messages I was sent! See below...

From: karaoke
Sent: 2008-04-09 22:18:10

you seem to visit a lot of pubs are you not liked in any of them

From: karaoke
Sent: 2008-04-09 22:20:17

if you have a problem with any staff why dont you speak with the landlord and actually tell him what your problem is cause then in might be sorted

I actually rated this pub a good 7 out of 10, tell me karaoke how are you associated with this pub, one can only presume you are the manager in question! Have you abused the other people on this site who have posted fair and accurate assessments??

9 Apr 2008 22:53

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