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The St Mary's Gate, Arundel

Geographically this was the 'high point' of our Friday crawl... and socially, the lowest. This pub is the furthest pub from the town centre, and involves walking up arundels famous hill. It is not worth it!
The bar was sticky and the carpet dirty. We hid at the darkest table. But were pursued by two other men apparently work at some local horse thing. They smelt a bit like the carpet. The swearing was constant and involved both f and c words!
My sister who lives in Arundel says no one but the stablehands ever go in there - and it has a bad reputation. It might be ok in the day, but in the evening it's a cesspit.

The worst of all the pubs we visited in Arundel, we didn't even finish our drinks. No quality, no cleaning, no point. Close it and make it into a house.

12 Mar 2008 17:20

The Swan Hotel, Arundel

It was ok. Not busy on a friday. Drinks were reasonable value but there was a funny smell in the bar! No one seemed to know what it was. Good looking menu, but seemed expensive as my sister says they get regualr deliveries from frozen food people. Staff friendly. No atmosphere. Looked clean.

12 Mar 2008 16:53

The Eagle, Arundel

Not much to say about this one. It was 10 o clock on fridy when me and my two girly friends went in here. It was a bit busy but the layout (u walk in and there's about 4 feet of space before you get to the full width bar) made it seem packed. the pavement outside was full of people drinking and smoking. It took 15 minutes to get served, cos no other customers would let us through to the bar. In the end we had to shout thru three people to place an order. my white wine was warm, and within 3 minutes of getting it, we were being accosted by a drunk local, no one seemed to care. Not friendly. Not nice for girls. Had a glance at a menu but it was over-priced compared to what we'd had, and they said the restauarant was in the cellar. My sister's claustrophobic so that well out! 'A locals bar for men'

12 Mar 2008 16:42

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