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The Fox Inn, Farthinghoe

Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho, it's off to Farthinghoe we go........... So with the panto season in full swing I found myself singing as I set off into the night my friends to continue my quest. This time to the far side of Banbury ( some say the dark side ) close to Brackley.
This time I took some company with me, and no before you ask there were not seven of us, just my friend John or as he is better known to his wife.... Grumpy and myself, Doc, because that is what I am.

After a few recent disapointments ( understatment )I was hopefull I might be in luck having heard some good things locally re this place.
Grumpy and I eventualy arrived, having somehow managed to have lost our way. We found a nice looking old stone buliding that is a Charlie Wells House. At 7.00pm we were the only ones in the place except for the chap at the bar nursing a cold and a pint....... Sneezy is that really you?? Having No fire lit on a freezing cold night would not help Sneezy or the atmosphere of which the place was void.
Had an OK ish pint of Bombadier. Not sure why it tasted strange, prehaps Dopey had cleaned the beer lines this week?
The menu is made up of standard pub fayre, nothing special at all, just OK. Infact, yes you have guessed it, it nearly sent me to....... Sleepy!!
I Had the liver which was completley over cooked, a shame for something so simple.
A few more farming type locals turned up which did lift the atmosphere some.
We chatted to the bar man Tom I think? who really was very Happy and anything but....Bashful, before venturing back on the icy roads, singing a new version of our favourite little ditty.........
Hiegh Ho, Heigh Ho, to Farthinghoe we won't go ( again )
And the quest goes on my friends.

14 Dec 2010 09:30

The Plough Inn, Warmington

A cautionary Hallowean Tale from ye olde worlde village of Warmington.........
What's this, the most beautiful looking little pub?
Situated on the village green by the duck pond...... I thought this is it! This is what makes me proud to be English. It made my hart flutter and bought a lump to my throat, I was salivating at the thought of foaming pints of beer, some lovely food and great company. I thought this will be my second home!

That was until I pushed back the door to reveal, it was full of what looked like the same bunch of goules I had recently encountered at The Geen Man in Mollington ( see my previous review ) can you imagine my horror? I nearly ran screaming from the place.
But instead I steadied myself, gripped the bar and rationalised that it was hallowean after all, and that clearly the local bus must stop at Mollington first on a Sunday night. As I was sure that this was the only way they could get to Warmington on thier own. Either that or of course they borrowed their wives broom sticks?
James I said, ignore the silence and one eyed stares, be a man and just think of the beer.
So I did and to be fair I enjoyed a pint and even a second from a nice selection. However I thought it best to leave rather quickly, after the unfriendly atmosphere that resinated from a few of the locals became palpable, after I unwisely sat on somebodies stool , bar that is. I never advise sitting on the other type.
So luckily I left without trying the food, which from the dog eared menu looked to be bog standard at best.
Before tip toeing out, hopefully unnoticed, I chanced a quick look in the mirror to see if I had "From London, not welcome " stamped on my forehead.....No, nothing there. I wonder what the problem is then??
So out into the dark and on with the quest my friends, for that, the most sacred of places, a decent friendly pub............I will find my second home! Wish me luck on what is turning out to be a rather intrepid journey.
My advise to fellow pilgrims near Banbury?
Beware of villages ending in "ton"

1 Nov 2010 18:47

The Castle Inn, Edgehill

A good hooky pub beer spot on, but could really do with tidying up. Food usual boring pub grub, nothing to write home about. Really needs some money spent on it. Great views in the summer. Jamie

30 Oct 2010 15:40

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