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Username: ilikebeer7

Age: 42

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The Clubhouse, Twickenham

Nice pub. Staff were lovely and friendly. Tried their new BBQ - kebabs were fantastic. I really recommend this place.

25 May 2009 09:12

The Hog in the Pound, Bond Street

I remember going here a while ago and quite enjoying it. Went again at the weekend and it was awful. About the most unfriendly staff I've seen in a long time. It seemed to take them ages to explain that they accepted cards but there was a minimum spend of 5. Inside is empty (no seats) and outside is smoky and cold - ok I can't blame them for the weather. A fairly miserable and shitty pub.

5 Oct 2008 21:54

The London road, Twickenham

This place used to be a dodgy old man's pub that stank of smoke and stale beer. It has recently been refurbished, but as I discovered, you can't polish a turd!
Overpriced drinks, the atmosphere of a goldfish bowl, unfriendly staff, not to mention the dodgy regulars who haunt the place like they have nothing better to do (they don't!).
I'm sure on a rugby day this is a jolly pub with a good atmosphere, but don't go there, there are much better pubs nearby.

3 Oct 2008 19:31

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