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Username: harrythebastard

Age: 32

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The Swan Inn, Colchester

If you like to eat food taken straight out of the freezer, microwaved half to death all cooked by a spotty 17 year old then this is the place for you.
A pub with absolutely no atmosphere, below average beers served by uninterested staff on minimum wage all supervised by a manageress who does not realise that she may or may not be in the hospitality industry?
Again this is the place for you.
Don't waste your time, do not stop and go half mile up the road towards Colchester where there are people working in 2x other pubs that really will be pleased to see you (and your wallet.)
The people in this place think you are a nuisance for going in !

26 Feb 2019 19:26

The Alex, Southend on Sea

Went in there today with me little dog for a quiet pint in the afternoon and to read the paper. Got me pint and paid for it and sat down.
Then got told by the barmaid that dogs were not allowed in the pub.
No signs on the door to that effect and unremarkable observation skills on her behalf. Prior to my drinking up and leaving I do recall the complete lack of ambience or atmosphere and only a couple of other customers .
A place for geeks using the free wi-fi whilst nursing a soft drink all afternoon.
Not for gentlemen drinkers with money in their pockets and a dog on a lead.
My money will be going elsewhere as will me and me dog.
Not my loss!

21 Feb 2017 21:35

Adam and Eve, Westminster

Well tonight must have been a one off judging by the last few entries; but somehow I don't think so.
Loud suits telling anyone who didn't care to listen most of their business, apparently MoJ whatever that is?
Guinness good, Bombardier and Doom Bar came out short measures and by 8pm it was empty except the camp barman ripping down the Halloween props (why were they there at all?) Coronation Street at full volume on the telly, and when he was asked if anyone was watching it (none of us 4 remaining punters) he said he enjoyed it? Never ever ever again in this place, not a pint more! I have said it about another place and indifferent (couldn't give a toss) service but this really gets the Wong Kei award for pubs. Reality TV should find this place based on tonight's experience, but it would be filed under fiction or comedy. Unfortunately the management/brewery care not a jot, but there again nor do I as I will never get in there again.
In a previous life when I worked nearby there was a very fierce and firm, but there again a very fair lady licensee who ran a great house called the "Adam and Eve." Clearly not any more.
What a waste.................................................

31 Oct 2011 23:29

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