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Username: frilsham

Age: 39

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The King Charles Tavern, Newbury

I hear that new people are running this people and that they are doing a great job, so please don't let my previous comment deter you from visiting today. :)

25 Jun 2015 18:37

The King Charles Tavern, Newbury

Three women and two men are enjoying themselves in a busy pub -- the King Charles Tavern in Newbury -- on a Saturday night in April 2012. One of them, who happens to have been a once-a-week regular for the last five years, grabs a napkin to mop up a little spill. And to her surprise the landlord goes berserk. Why? Because the napkin was wrapped around a knife and fork. And as you know, it takes an awful long time to wrap up the cutlery in this way...

Okay... Hold on... Fair enough, you think. It *does* take time and energy to wrap those things up. Maybe we should have asked for some unwrapped napkins... If only there had been some of those lying around on the bar... But there weren't, and that spill *did* need mopping up quickly. So what's a girl to do?

... Well, anything but unwrap some cutlery, it seems. The landlord gets aggressive. We're taken aback. "Seriously?!" asks the once-a-week regular.

Apparantly so. We're asked to leave, which is disappointing given that we have full drinks and the night is young. But the landlord makes it quite clear that we are unwelcome in his shitty Greene King pub.

He arrives at this decision very quickly. You wonder if he would have made the same decision if he had thought it over for just a brief fraction of a moment. "Hold on..." he might have thought. "Isn't that the nice friendly girl who comes here every Tuesday night and shares a bottle of red with her friend and always orders food?"

No. Instead he tells us to leave. And as long as he's running the place, we'll never come back. Fuck him.

Please tell your friends to boycott the KC in Newbury. #newbury #napkingate

8 Apr 2012 01:31

The Rising Sun, Stockcross

I've been drinking at the Rising Sun regularly since 2006. It's still a great pub. The beer is still excellent, and I feel welcome every time I drop by. There aren't enough pubs like this around anymore, so don't let any negative comments dissuade you from visiting. See it for yourself before you make your mind up.

27 Jan 2011 18:11

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