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Username: frank1965

Age: 55

Sex: ?

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Boundary, Norwich

I was optimistic when the girl from the Eddie took over this place that it would work. For a few weeks probably months there was a marked improvement. Lot of the half wit chavs were slung out and things got much better. I was in last weekend and it seems all the riff raff who were barred are back again. I was outside having a fag and all the conversations were about stabbing someone with a screwdriver and punching peoples lights out. I didn’t actually see any trouble but it felt that it was never far off. This could be a real good pub but I think the management has got to be a bit tougher with the tossers and when they bar them do it for a long time, like forever would be good. Good pub to see music but watch your back.

22 Nov 2008 19:02

The Brickmakers, Norwich

Very clicky place. Not officially a gay bar but you are not of that persuasion then you won’t gell with staff or many of the regulars. No problem with gay thing but I don’t like being outnumbered. Well behaved pub and you can see a lot of effort put into the music and stuff but still a bit creepy. Your face either fits or it doesn’t.

22 Nov 2008 18:56

Spencer's, Norwich

The two people who run this place are the most unsuited persons for running a pub that I have ever come across. They are the most miserable people on this planet. They might as well wear t shirts saying ‘we don’t want to be here and we’ve had your money now sod off.’ I agree with earlier comments, the place closes when it feels like. Discipline inside is very poor. You might well get thrown out if you are a nine stone student who is speaking too loudly but if you are a fifteen stone Gypo who has just punched someone in the face then you stand a pretty good chance of remaining. Avoid this dump at all costs, even the prospect of a late drink does not lure me back to this dump.

22 Nov 2008 18:48

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