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Username: flutterfly

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The Southbury Hotel, Enfield

well it seems that whomever mayfair123 is they don't like what i have to say about this pub because somewhat suspicioulsy my comments keep being removed - so i can only assume this person is the landlord or a very close relative or friend, because according to them this is THE greatest pub on earth! As i class myself to be of a higher intelligence i will not be drawn into playing such silly word in summary, if you're a chav who loves to drink in dives go visit this place because you'll love it - if, like me you prefer a classier establishment avoid it like the plague!
I am also aware this pub isn't in Edmonton per ce but as it is an area in the East of the London Borough of Enfield i think we can safely say i am referring to the correct pub - but just so there is no confusion; the pub i refer to is The Southbury Hotel which is across the road from Cineworld, Old Orleans, Pizza Hut, Brotheres Chinese Restuarant and The Outback...need i go on? i think not!

3 Nov 2008 10:14

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