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Modello Bar & Kitchen, Watford

dear oh dear, another hole in watford that needs to be closed, if u fancy a night ladies of being swooned at by overweight old men, then yep this is the place to go, absolutely no class and it does quite literally stink in there, clean the carpets!!
although for the guys, its an easy night for u in this place, as the ladies, sorry tarts that go in here are just slappers

2 Sep 2006 13:42

The Walkabout, Watford

This place is a hole. Whats the deal with all the animal paintings on the wall, is this place meant to be a australian heritage museaum or a bar? im confused?!?!
Its quite ironic that this place is over 21s tho half the people in their look like they're just out of nappies.
The bar staff are rude, the bouncers are rude, the people in the toilets who try to charge you for washing your hands??!?!?whats that about!?!?!?!?
I will however give credit where its due, the only good thing about this place is the EXIT.

14 Apr 2006 14:58

Bar Me, Watford

Did used to love this place, am slowly going off of it tho, this website might say 'please note - reviews on this site are purely the opinion of site visitors so dont take them too seriously'
all of the bad comments are true, trouble always kicks off, bar me have cheapened themselves by putting cages and poles in there, and then big fat heffers jump in them, the staff dont seem to want to serve customers have more fun jumping on the bar, and their loser manager in there shouts at people to get away from the bar while his bar staff jump up and throw alcohol everywhere, its like a zoo, as soon as they jump up there everyone dashes towards the bar to get free shots.
Massive attitude everyone in there, and it is like a childrens playschool in there, will give credit where its due the only good thing about this place is the cheap drinks and the exit

14 Apr 2006 14:54

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