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Username: doogman

Age: 52

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The Jolly Farmer, Weybridge

Enter this pub at your peril !! It servers beer. It may have a few people in there under the influence. Some people aren't as nice or as friendly as others. The bar staff may well indulge in a beverage after their own working hours. This seems like a fact of life to me! All heinous crimes surely! Seriously there is nothing wrong with this pub or anyone who frequents it, apart from one or two odd balls, maybe myself included!!!! I go there a lot for a quiet pint or two with my dog a friends. There is never any disturbances apart from laughter and enjoyment from all there. If you want loud music go to the Hogshead or whaterver it is now known as and get yourself into a fight and covered in teenage vomit, drink watered down beer and put up with the chavvy kids. If you want to watch soccer matches go to the Grotty, if you want rugby go to the POW or Queens Head which is where i to watch games. We all have choices and those choices are personal LEO there is no need to make personal against those who can't defend themselves on public forums. Furthermore it it does not help. This pub servers good beer and food, is quiet and friendly and the staff and management are great. End of.

12 Jun 2009 19:34

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