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The Green Man, Hatton

Good Evening.

I have frequented The Green Man on and off for about 20 years. It's had its ups and downs, but nowadays it's certainly riding a wave of popularity, due in no small part to the efforts of Jules and her team. With the demise of the local airline population in the last few years, this pub began to fade to anonymity, but Jules has brought it back to a resounding success with her bold and innovative ideas.

To answer your comments:

"My colleagues and I used to use this pub on a regular basis a few years ago. Well it’s undergone a few changes!"

It certainly has. Which is why I drink there again.

"The warm beer was ok, however the selection was limited."

Define limited. It serves what space allows - much the same as many other pubs. It certainly caters to my tastes, and those of my colleagues.

"I had problems getting the non-indigenous bar staff to understand my order, then I was told I had to have a plastic glass (sic), when asked why I received a very sharp reply from what I can only assume was the landlady. What a charmer?"

It's a perfectly simply rule: no glass in the beer garden, and for good reason. Recently a child cut her foot on a broken glass in said garden - a glass left there by those who think they know better. With regard to communication - you get what you give, I've found. Certainly no complaints about the landlady or her friendly staff, even the 'non-indigenous' ones. I take it you mean foreign bar staff? They speak English, and have never had a problem understanding me.

"Wanting only to drink from a Glass, Glass, my family tried to go inside, only to be told that the pub did not have a Children’s license (whatever that is?)."

It's the law. Details about children's licenses are freely available on the web.

"The pub has the appearance of being family friendly, but closer inspection revealed something more regimented."

It's friendly to my family.

"My wife said the ladies hand dryer didn’t work and that there was urine on the floor. When she complained she was told “we know”. My boy said the men’s toilets “smelled funny”, probably because they haven’t been cleaned for quite sometime."

Strange. My lady has never complained about that drier. Neither about urine on the floor. Advising the staff would have resulted in speedy rectification, were any required. Did you do so? I have smelt nothing out of the ordinary in the Gents'.

"Sorry, but previously lovely quaint pub is off my list."

I couldn't agree more: it's a lovely quaint pub.

26 Jun 2005 21:42

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