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The Winchester, Islington

(Since I have posted this review i have been offerred some compensation, so am glad that i will be able to return for cocktails and hopefully regain my trust to the Winchester)

21 Dec 2011 12:16

The Winchester, Islington

I have been going to the Winchester for years, massively rated the cocktails and the 2 4 1 sunday roats (one of the best pub roasts for that value in london).

I therefore dragged all my work colleguages there for our christmas dinner (which we have to pay for ourselves). 25 per head for the starter and main. The menu looked amazing.

I was so upset at the outcome, the food was inedible. the turkey dinner was dry, the home made stuffing was solid (my colleagues were coughing it up), the vegetables were tasteless. And it was all smothered in thin bistoey gravy - how difficult is it to add some wine or flavour to a gravy? i just dont understand what kind of chef can actually make such awful food. why do they even bother being a chef??! My "venbison steak rolled with proscuitto & mozeralla flambeed in masala wine" was a overcooked tough piece could hardly cut into it) of non rolled venison, with a bit of cheesy bacony stuff on top, with non seasonsed broad beans...although the potatoe dauphinoise was okay but very small.

I tried to give feedback on the night but was told to email the booking manager, so i did, i was very psoitive about the cocktails and staff however as they were still amazing. I was paologised to and told that she hoped the cocktails made up for it. I responded explaning that they were good, but didnt make up for a dreadful dinner that we folked out a total of 225 for (inlcuding pre paid service charge...).

There is no excuse for food this bad, especially from a venue that is really good usually. I think it is awful when places take advantage because they know its christmas and they will be booked up. And sadly will not be going back or ever reccomending this place again. It doesnt take much to deal with a customer complaint effectively, but this was not met with any effective response either.

1/10 food
8/10 cocktails and bar staff

20 Dec 2011 09:46

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