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I love music, pubs, movies, "bad" movies and comedy. I love living in London. I'm spoiled being situated only a few stops away from most of the Sam Smiths pubs and my local Costcutter/Tesco sells real ales!

I despise the fashion industry, socialites, London "city workers" hopped up on coke while on the tube ("your talking bollocks mate") and any idiot who thinks a mullet and leg-warmers makes them "alternative". Vacuous, soul-sucking bastards!

I think the government should bring back smoking in pubs or at least give people the option of smoking inside a pub. As much as I feel for those who don't smoke, unless we all start getting issued deodorant and women are banned from using half a bottle of "Eau De Toilette" (seriously, it stings, I can hardly see) I might have to emigrate.

Mmm. Much better.

Username: chris_g

Age: 34

Sex: male

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The Grapes, Limehouse

The one thing about this pub that disappointed me - after reading some very favourable reviews - was the trumped up little waitress who deemed it necessary to shout at me and my girlfriend for smoking outside. When we agreed to stub out she then stared at us while we walked in, like some overbearing mother! Anyway, just hope you get her on a good day otherwise she's a moody little trout.

Everything else is great! The bar staff are fantastic, the feel of the place is perfect for a pub of that size, and they do a lovely Sunday roast. The beer is kept very well and, while it has that "classy" pub vibe, I didn't feel any snobbery directed at me.

Perhaps not a pub to go out of your way for, but worth a visit if you're close by.

25 Jan 2010 16:50

The Kings Head, Guildford

This pub looks great and serves some decent beer. The outdoor area is good enough for summer but it can get very busy.

I've had a couple of dodgy Hobgoblins in here before - cloudy and overly bitter - but generally it's ok. Bar staff are a mixed bag but generally ok. The food isn't bad either.

I remember some really great nights testing the bar staff with their internet jukebox - they routinely censored what could be played and you had to really battle it out to get your quid back. I don't know if it's still there, but try Sleep's "Jerusalem" and count the seconds. They must have some pretty strict rules in there. Either that or they don't like Sleep, I guess...

Very studenty, but all in all you get a wide mix of people and it's a decent pub. Much better than some other local alternatives, and it's close to the station, taxis, restaurants, etc.

25 Jan 2010 16:43

Crobar, Soho

Ugh. Well, this is one of those places that you're going to find yourself at some point. It's ok. I mean, it's too small, the toilets a... I don't know, maybe there's a word that can describe them but it escapes me.

The thing I like about this bar is that it plays rock and metal. Everything else about it is totally rubbish. The drinks are overpriced and, come on, Red Stripe in a bloody can?!

Every time I've been in at least one of the bar staff has been in a right strop, I've spent the whole time either suffling past people or shuffling for them to get past, and then you're not allowed to take your drink outside when the smell of stale hippy gets too much.

Good music, open late.
Crap bar, crap toilets, crap booze.

I'm torn...

25 Jan 2010 16:34

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