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Username: calamity

Age: 47

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The Valentine, Ilford

I first visited this pub at 14 and have drank here numerous times over the past ten years. About five years ago, I witnessed a man being glassed by a doorman and so never went back. Last friday i returned to meet friends( this was our meeting point), We actually stayed there for a few hours and all i can say is the publicans though all different ages all got on well, the only people who cause trouble here are the security as they are too over powering and this fat man who sat in the corner all night, apparently his the landlord, well the way he spoke to some of the young girls there was menacing and i found him to be quite a bully. If they were my daughters, I'd shoot him.He obviously has issues with his hygiene and mental problems, this is a great pub and the brewery should get rid of him.

17 Jun 2008 14:39

The Bell, Ilford

I've heard rumours about this place but did'nt want to beleive it, because as a child I remember this to be a friendly family pub that I spent most saturday afternoons in with my parents.
Last week i met some old friends here and can honestly say the rumours were true. The toilets were smashed up and because of a drug problem in the pub badly constructed frames had been built over the cisterns. Nails stuck out all over the back of the smoking shelter. It stank of urine and the carpets were so dirty they had patches of moss growing on them. I swear this is no exageration and as for the locals and staff I would feel safer in the Bronx. Only go here if you have suicidal thoughts and at that serious ones.

17 Jun 2008 14:29

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