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The George Toby Pub and Restaurant, Roborough

Me and my girlfriend didn't fancy cooking so popped in on a monday night. Although the exterior is not much to look at, there was plenty of room inside and was easy to find a quiet corner. Friendly helpful staff. Tribute ale we had was very good and the food was excellent. I don't eat meat but there was a mushroom & spinach lasagne, plus the vegetable selection, stuffing etc (and veggie gravy) from the carvery for same price as a turkey roast (which my partner says was very nice). I overloaded the plate because the lasagne was not quite ready when I went up. When it arrived a few minutes later I had enough food for two people. I was totally stuffed when I left.

If you like plane spotting you can watch planes taking off - it's adjacent to Plymouth airport. Coffee or icecream included with carvery before 7pm.

14 Dec 2009 22:15

The Spinning Wheel Inn, Paignton

Never liked the Spinning Wheel because it is like drinking beer inside a very large unwashed sock.

Tried the food once with my girlfiends parents and it was embarrassing. Ordered a mushroom pie and it came out frozen in the middle. Literally frozen. When I did get one that had been cooked, it was more bland the Tuborg lager they sell.

Big opportunity missed when you consider this pubs location. But then Paignton doesn't really do flavour. Anybody walked down Torbay road?

(Exception: Cilantro indian restaurant is a true gem.)

13 Apr 2009 19:08

The Burrator Inn, Dousland

Have visited this pub a few times, and generally it has been OK.

I don't know if it's changed hands, because today was not a pleasant experience. Had to wait around 45 minutes for a vegetable lasagne. When it finally arrived it was lukewarm and looked like it had been poached rather than baked. Salad was dull and dry.

No specials were being served and the menu was a basic bar-meals type affair -- why it took so long I've no idea. Plenty of other tables were complaining about the long wait.

7.95 for the privilege. Ahhh that's the great british country pub for ya. To be honest I am starting to wonder what all the fuss is about. It seems every meal ordered in a 'pub' is a gamble these days and I'm not surprised the small pub is a dying breed. I can cook far superior food at home and not bother with all the agro and expensive beer. If you can find somewhere that justifies the price then good for you. I want good quality food and service – like the staff give a damn about what they’re doing. I don’t see this in Britiain. People should go and order a meal in America and you will see what I am talking about. Sorry if I’ve offended you sunday-country-walk-followed-by-expensive-lunch types but this nation needs a big reality check. Support local business? Yeah.... then get screwed over. I should have stayed in town and gone to a chain restaurant or pub... at least I'd have known what I was in for and wouldn't have to pay through the nose for it.

Summary: Good pint, dismally slow lukewarm food.

13 Apr 2009 18:54

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