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Username: boucerssuck

Age: 31

Sex: ?

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RSVP, Woking

Haven't been here for about a month now. Nor do i want to ever again. If sticky floors, broken glass, arrogant life threatening bouncers and no space to move at all, getting sum idiots beer all over your clothes is ur idea of a night out, then definitely go there. But if u actually want a gd night out, then guildford is a 10 minute train journey away. Oh and within ten seconds of joining the queue sum fat bird offers a blow job for a drink. I pitied the monster and gave her fifty pence for a lemonade. She probably just bought a packet of crisps.

5 Aug 2006 23:05

Yates's, Guildford

Not sure what smoker2 is on about. Rarely is this place filled. It's one of the late licensing bars, yet it is empty most nights. Bouncers are rude, act like tw@s, confront you even if you're not going into the place. Oh and you're basically going back to school with Yate's. "LINE UP AGAINST THE WALL SINGLE FILE!!" is what usually is heard from the bouncers. And they'll shout this even if there's noone there, which is a regular thing. Even "flares" the cheesy 70s bar gets more ppl than this place. Don't know what a pint costs here because every time i go in, i head for the door.

5 Aug 2006 22:21

Pews, Guildford

If you enjoy paying 3-4 quid for a beer, go there immediately. I was driving, and I asked the friendly attractive bargirl what I should have. She offered a heineken shandy. I accepted. I discovered it would cost as much as buying a pint in any other pub. Still, I wasn't paying for it, so I didn't really care. Music is good here, but for some reason they let rubbish bands play 3 songs, and actually gd artists are only allowed one song.

5 Aug 2006 22:10

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