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Jolly Butchers, Enfield

the best landlord here was david cook and his new wife valerie. valerie had a lot to contend with in those days as she had to stand in the place of shirley daves first wife but she managed it and it was her first venture. steak nights; music; good atmosphere. in those days they ran a family pub. the glasses were always very clean, the bar was clean, the whole pub was clean. it needed a revamp in those days as it was dark but the quality of the drink was very good. the food was good too with pub grub on offer. anne in the kitchen was very good and she was such a homely figure. dave tried his best as he had been the manager here for years before with his first wife shirley. shirley also tried her best with the food side of things. the staff were always friendly and there was always a friendly atmosphere awaiting the customers here.

23 Apr 2010 20:58

The Dog and Partridge, Yateley

I thought the best landlady here was valerie cook. She and david her husband tried their best here to make this pub the best in the area. They cleaned up the pub. They adhered to the licensing laws. They had the councillors coming into the pub, locals that were good locals and not troublemakers, nice people started coming into the pub, they were catering for the older generation and were putting good pub grub into the pub and making it homely. The real ale was excellent. The pub was clean and the kitchen was spotless. The food was good pub grub and nicely presented and value for money. Unfortunately david and val did not have enough time in the pub to be able to change it round but it was on its way. This pub could have been something really special if Val had had the chance to change it for the best! All the locals were welcome here!

23 Apr 2010 02:37

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