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The Harp, Covent Garden

Great pub. Best in London if not beyond.

Super selection including guests, some familiar names coming around and hot spot for Dark Star (I check on the DS app for latest deliveries).

Reasonable 'London prices' without taking the mick like some new trendy places.

Fun to watch the odd clueless tourist come in and order a wine or other none-ale drink in this 'famous ale pub'.

29 Mar 2013 21:18

The Craft Beer Co, City of London

Range of beer: fantastic, cask and keg, full flavoured. You'd be mad not to be excited given lots to choose from. Still, first day I went quite a few were all one kind which wasn't my thing...

Food: nice but limited, some 'quality' scotch eggs/pies

Prices: Call the police... Esther Rantzen.... the UN... consumer groups... exploitation of beer drinkers... masquerading as 'better' or a new standard.

I have no problem affording the prices, just you have to be stupid not to wince at the cost of a pint and pub snacks. No matter how cuddled and crafted, it's just beer and (processed) food. "What do you mean a ten pound note isn't enough for the two beers?" Q: "How much are the pies?" A: "£2.50....(comedy pause, during which I exclaim aloud that's quite reasonable)... a quarter"

I think it's safe to say that the craft element and interest in beer is coupled with a business model - it is a business site that people flock to, and not a neighbourhood pub. Speculating, the model likely depends on people who share an interest in good beer(!), but also relies heavily on a sub-conscious element about getting something better and/or being better than others, and being willing to pay for it (there is a general model for this but name escapes me). Some of these punters are so deluded and stupid they also sneer at people who might have a lower income or who might simply prefer not to spend double the market place. Such sneerers might also be light-weight, self-labelled connoisseurs, perhaps those who just nurse a third-of-a-pint for an hour... and so don't appreciate the idea of having 2-3 pints (=15-20 quid).

Thornbridge Jaipur is a lovely, punchy beer and appeals to all my craft-fan buddies, but if you are willing to lower yourself to rubbing shoulders with old men and chavs in the environment of another business model, it will cost 2.90 a pint and be perfectly served and with same conversation. It's also interesting as the recipe of a widespread craft beer is supposedly similar to Jaipur... "But I thought all craft beers are unique and hand-made by a caring old man?"

Great beer, but overpriced - I suspect basically because they can.... Fortunately for Craft and others, London has no shortage of beer fans and people with disposable income wanting that trendy new thing and being happy to pay over the odds. But not sure about the future of certain players in the craft beer industry.

29 Mar 2013 17:26

The Lamb, Surbiton

I think 'fannybatta' (middle name begins with b?) gives a decent review. But would add the ale tastes good and is varied and worth the trip. Occasional feeling of being stared at by other patrons (we don't have three heads or anything...), which can be uncomfortable but perhaps they just want to be friends...

29 Mar 2013 14:19

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