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Username: beerman666

Age: 68

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Jim Thompson's, Camberley

Come back Jim Thompsons.
The revamped Crab & Dragon has real potential but is let down by their management team. They started well but have gone slowly downhill over the last year and the experience there is really quite appaling
The bar service is now so slow a that a 10 minute wait is not unusual even in quiet times. It is not that the pub is busy, its just that there is generally only one member of staff wortking trying to do it all (Food, drink, tea/coffee etc, Bar tabs etc.)
The food - don't bother the portions are measely the chefs skills non existent. I will be taking my business clients elseware from now on.

23 Dec 2008 09:42

The Open Page, Earlsfield

The Open Page was a great disappointment after reading the reviews on this site. We went there for a social gathering to use the function room. What a sad depressing place it was, it was part of the bar area, pervaded by stale smoke and had no atmosphere. I was like dringing in a church hall corridor. It was barely capable of holding the small group of us (About 40) standing upright let alone trying to use the rickety tables and chairs lined up against the walls. The decor was jaded to say the least, and the toilets had to be seen to be believed. The food provided was a complete rip off. It consisted of some strips of pitta bread/ with dips, some quick fry Icelend snacks and a bowl of chips. What a joke considering it cost in excess of 300. (There must have been 30 work of food in total) I am used to London prices but at 3.20 for a pint in this environment - forget it. If this is the best pub in Earlsfield, I feel very sorry for the residents/users of the other pubs in Earlsfield. The only saving grace was the bar staff,friendly and quick to serve.

29 May 2007 14:39

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