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Adam and Eve, Westminster

I hate pubs that craftily try to use beer that has run over for other customers......well the Adam and Eve tried to do it not once but twice.

Enter the pub and ask for a pint of London Pride. Within seconds they seem to have pulled a full pint.....well not quite, despite grabbing a fresh glass as if to pour a pint correctly, the bar an had used a pint under the counter and topped it up. The real give away? ...the stale looking froth. When I challenged the barman, he immediately pulled a fresh pint ....presumably the stale pint went back under for another punter.

Well twenty minutes later when I ordered my next pint, I saw them do exactly the same.

I had complained to Westminster weights and measures about another west end pub doing the same a year or so ago, clearly the practice is wide spread. All I can say is if you want a fresh pint ....avoid the Adam and Eve.

30 Mar 2014 20:39

The Globe, Covent Garden

In all truthfellness you can excuse many things in a busy west end pub....but here's a a couple that might surprise you ......
I arrived at The Globe to meet friends, as I opened the door I stepped back to let a diminutive foreign barman go out to pick glasses up, needless to say he didn't say thank you.

as the bar was busy, I waited near the end of the bar to get served .....the aforementioned barman came back in empty handed but made an attempt at shouting that people should not block the entrance to the bar..... such a welcoming chappie ..... but it gets better....... After settling down I noticed that the same barman was frequently helping him self to a a bag of nuts he'd placed behind the bar by pouring them in one hand and picking them with the other.....but the picking up glasses to serve customers while putting his index finger in the top of the drink he was pouring, no seriosuly there's more......the principle reason why I would never go back in this pub least two of the bar staff were seen to pour slops into drinks ......there were three pint glasses hidden below the bar (which could be senn from the end of the bar) that the staff used to start / top up drinks ..... quite how long they'd been sitting there was anyone's guess and then to cap it all I saw the staff top up a drink from the slops tray. I really am considering passing this onto the council weights and measures God the impression we give to tourists

13 Apr 2013 00:04

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