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Username: barman1985

Age: 34

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The Queen Boadicea, Clerkenwell

I was scammed and the staff were rude about it.

Beer tasted like the lines hadn't been cleaned for a while, our food took ages and then what turned up was appalling with a bowl of chips missing. I was then short changed by the bartender who was extremely rude when I asked about it and said "I don't do that, i always give the right change", lucky they found the only barman never to make a mistake with change. After this the manageress said she would crash the till and check the CCTV and call me in an hour. 1 and a half hours later I returned because I had not been called and the same manageress said "I'm very busy, it is a Friday you know" and went on to explain the other manager will be here soon as he needs to check the CCTV while I crash the till" fair enough but a direct contradiction to what she had said earlier. She told me "we aren't trying to rip you off" and "we'll call you by 5 o'clock" it is now 3 weeks later and still nothing. One of the worst pubs I've been in and being a bartender I have been to a lot.

I would recommend avoiding this place at all costs.

11 May 2011 14:10

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