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The Worcester Park, Worcester Park

I am a member of a quiz team attending this pub each Tuesday. We would love this pub to be as good as it was a few years ago - regrettably it is not.
Yesterday someone of our group said we should complain about the cask marque approval since the beer recently has often been served on the turn and undrinkable - we have even had to return beer that was past it's best that was not real ale in recent months. There was one occasion where we returned all three of our choices!

It is our local despite the comment of one of the bar staff last night to one of our group 'you lot are always complaining but are not regulars'. Once a week does not warranty being a regular apparently so our requests for simple improvements are not so important to them - does that sound a bit crazy?

We would love to see improvements in the following:
1. Beer availability and quality
2. Toilets - if they have a lock they do not have a light or sometimes are flooded for a week or more.
3. Selection at the bar. One night they had no coffee, no sparkling water and no orange juice.
4. Regularity of supply - beers and wines change and not always because of offering more choice but for reasons of price to the landlord [he said this once]. Most regulars can and do pay premium prices yet keeping what we want in stock is not a priority.

Time for the pub owners to spend some money and sort out the laxity at this pub - it was the only decent one for miles, shames really.

23 Jan 2008 12:19

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