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Username: angelacorby

Age: 37

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The Temple Bar, Norwich

If the Temple Bar burned down I wouldnít expect the insurance claim to exceed ten pounds, which is exactly the amount of money I suspect has been spent on the place in the last twenty years, including cleaning materials. The ladies toilets resemble a Ministry of Defence germ warfare manufacturing facility. The whole place is just falling apart. Held together with tape and panel pins. There is more tape on the carpets than there is carpet. Friendly enough but what a dump.

2 Mar 2008 21:11

The Refreshers, Norwich

If you donít actually wear Burberry contact lenses and have and have your job seekers number tattooed onto your forehead, to prove the unemployable piece of crap you are, then you wonít be very welcome here. Day time Iím told the food is not too bad, cheap if not basic but at night when the creatures all crawl out from underneath their stones, they all seem to crawl here. If you like the move Day of the Dead, you might like it here.

2 Mar 2008 21:04

Prince Of Wales, Norwich

Beer and cleaning seem to be ok but that's about it. Clientelle would make Prince Harry look intelligent. Good job they don't have a quiz night. Chevetts shoe horned into spandex tights and more gold chains than you'll find in H Samual. With the overpowering reek of Hugo Boss. Pre club dump, worth a look but only a look.

2 Mar 2008 20:57

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